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Invitation to join the
International Universal Classique Choral (IUCC)

Do you like to sing or are you already a member of a choir – and would you like to broaden your musical horizons, get to know singers from other countries and sing with them? Then you now have the opportunity to participate in an international choir project that focuses on the connecting power of music and that wants to bring singers from as many nations as possible together to major concert events.

For this purpose, the Israeli composer, pianist and conductor Itzhak Tavior and the Bayreuth vocal teacher and choir director Barbara Baier founded the International Universal Classique Choral (IUCC), the first members of which are the Zamirchor from Bayreuth and the Ashirachor from Haifa.

It is planned to perform one or two concerts a year with well-known orchestras. Rehearsals begin at least four weeks before a concert, with rehearsals taking place virtually via zoom on PC, tablet or smartphone.
Singers who want to sing along to the concerts should be available for rehearsals on site five days before the concert. The members of the IUCC pay for the trip and the stay themselves. The Zamirchor and the Ashiraschor help with the organization of the stay on site.

The first concert is to take place on November 17, 2020 in the Lateran Church in Rome for the “Festival Internationale Sacrale” with the Plovdiv Symphony Orchestra, the second concert for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 30, 2021 in Halle (Germany) with the Academic Orchestra from Halle.

Both concerts are recorded by film producer Nedy John Cross. They will become part of the documentary „One White Light“, which will show our work for peace. Trailer for the film:

We have piqued your interest? If you would like to support international understanding and work for peace of the International Universal Classique Choir as a member, please fill out the application form below and send it as a PDF or Word ODT file via email to barbara.baier@zamirhalle. de or as a printout to:
Barbara Baier, Eduard-Bayerlein-Str. 8, 95445 Bayreuth, Germany
We look forward to meeting you!

Barbara Baier and Itzhak Tavior

Additional information

The Zamirchor Bayreuth was established 15 years ago by Barbara Baier, with the aim of initiating and intensifying encounters between Christians and Jews, Israeli and German singers in order to process the shared problematic history building a positive cooperation for the present and future. The choir has already been awarded various prizes for its commitment to international understanding and its musical quality. This is in part thanks to the work of the Israeli composer, pianist and conductor Itzhak Tavior, with whom the 

Zamirchor has worked intensively from the start. There has been, for example, concerts for the Holocaust Remembrance Day at the United Nations in New York (see photo above), for the same occasion in Geneva, and further performances in Lugano, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
In 2011 the Zamirchor became a member of the Franconian Choir Association. The choir has had a close friendship with the Ashira-Israel Choir from Haifa since 2018, with whom many successful concerts have already been given.

The Zamirchor and its Music